• Ragtime offers a 90 day consignment on clothes, shoes, fine purses, vintage or costume jewelry,  Gold and Silver jewelry, household items, cars, motorcycles, Boats, RV. 
• All Consignors are responcible for picking up items at the end of the designated time period. Items not sold or picked up after the 90 period is considered the property of Ragtime. There is a 30 day grace period after the 90 day mark to retrieve items.
• Ragtime's profit split is 50/50 on items items sold in the 90 day period. We pay out in the first week of each month. The consignor can pick up the payment in cash during the first week of the month. 
• Ragtime  is not responsible for theft or loss of items although extensive actions are taken to insure protection of your items.

1. Bringing items to Us:
• We accept new consignments in the first 2 weeks of the month or until capacity
• Please Keep outfits together. items that wrinkle should be on hangers or in boxes or baskets. 
• The new consignor should check ahead for stains, rips, missing buttons, broken zippers, missing labels etc...
• Remember, we take consignment seasonally.
- Spring/Summer clothing from February to July
- Fall/Winter clothing from August to January
- All items must be in a container, box, or laundry basket
- NO TRASH BAGS!!! They create wrinkles in clothes.

2. Consignment Terms:
• Consignment period for 90 days. Discounts are applied monthly. after 30 days in stock the item will be discounted 20%, after 60 Days  the discount is 50%, after 90 days items not picked up at the store are considered the property of Ragtime. there is a grace period of 30 for pickup.
• Items are paid out at 50/50 in the first week of the month .
• Prices are set by the store.
• All consignors balances can be used as store credit during the consignment period
• Consignor balances are valid for 1 year after expiration of the 90 day consignment period

3. Drop-off Procedure:
• Drop-off days are the last and first week of each month (Please call ahead for items we are accepting)
• Any items not picked up after the 90 day consignmet period will be the property of Ragtime Consignment.
• If a consigner wants their unsold items collected for them there is a $10 service charge or they can collect their items them selves at no charge.

4. We prefer Brand name clothes only, with label and size tags intact and no older than two years of age.

5. We accept shoes that are in season and have not scuffs or toe prints.

6. We accept fine Purses, Perfume and Jewelry anytime. ( they sell better than clothes)

7. We have a ReGifting room. Bring in your household items that are like new ( call for ideas of what sells)
8. We accept mens cologne and jewelry.
9. Ragtime will buy your Fine Purses, Perfumes and Jewelry!  call 850/784-1835 for more information!!